Accessibility Education


Educating your staff is key to succeed

We have 17 years of experience in the hospitality/accessibility industry and a broad knowledge of the customer experience. We know how important it is to educate your staff when it comes to accessibility.

Disability Awareness Training

Our Disabability and Accessibility Awareness training is about helping your staff deliver excellent customer service to everyone. We help your staff concentrate on the “person” rather than their disability and understanding what your customer needs.

Introductory Disability Awareness Training

When you subscribe to our Accessibility Management Program, you will get access to our Introductory Awareness Training. This will give your staff a good first understanding of disability and accessibility. The training shall be mandatory for all your staff.

Main themes are:

See the “customer” first and foremost!

Disability is not always something you can see

From a business perspective – how strong is this group

Meet and greet techniques

Advanced Disability Awareness Training

We also offer more advanced disability and accessibility awareness training that can even be customized to your specific needs if required or around specific themes like:

Front desk staff

Cleaning staff

Serving staff

Those advanced training sessions are being organised as interactive webinars or workshops (pending covid!)

Your staff will receive our Diploma showcasing that they attended our training.
The training will be conducted through Webinars and / or live sessions with our Accessibility and Disability specialists.

E-Learning 2021

We believe we need better and more efficient tools to reach out and educate as many as possible. During 2021 we will launch our new E-Learning program where your staff will be able to manage their accessibility training in an even more effective and fun way.

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