Accessibility Data


Manage your accessibility data

Understanding where you stand when it comes to accessibility and what you need to improve will give you an advantage in many areas, internally for your company and externally towards customers and clients.

We help you manage your accessibility through
our Management System

We cover the following disabilities






How it works

Accessibility data is gathered through our questionnaire

Through our unique accessibility questionnaire we can gather your granular accessibility data, covering needs of all our above disabilities. Uploading mandatory pictures will help us to validate your data. By gathering your data you will be able to assess your property and identify your strengths but also find areas of improvement – what you need to focus on when building new or renovating.

Your data is validated by our QA – Team

Accessibility data and pictures will be validated by our experienced QA Team, they have verified data for more than 35000 properties worldwide.

Data is classified using our own classification system

Through our algorithm we will classify your facility based on your accessibility data and according to different levels of accessibility needs and disabilities. This will help your customers and visitors better understand your level of accessibility.

We help you communicate and share your accessibility data

We help you communicate your accessibility by enabling you to share your accessibility data.
With an “easy-to-install” widget you can get all your data uploaded on your website with just a few lines of code.
We also provide you a downloadable Accessibility Guide based on your data, to provide as a download on your website or as a printed guide to your visitors at your venue.

You can manage your data through our dashboard

Accessibility Data has a “best before date” and it is critical to revise it, at least once a year. Through our Accessibility Management System Dashboard you can easily update your data and pictures. Your changes will be automatically updated on your website if you have implemented our Accessibility widget.

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